Zyagen develops, manufactures, and sells quality life science products, biochemicals, and reagents for cellular localization, expression, and quantitative analysis of genes and their protein products. Zyagen also offer custom research services in histology and molecular biology for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government, and academic institutes worldwide.We are continually improving and expanding our products and services line to meet the growing demand of scientists in the biomedical/life science research community for high-throughput gene expression profiling.Our goal is to simplify, improve, and accelerate research speed of the scientists and expand their research capabilities in making discoveries that improve human condition by providing the highest standard quality research products and services with competitive price


        Gene Expression Analysis          
  • Ready-to-use Total RNA of Animals & Plants
  • Ready-to-use Tissue mRNA
  • Ready-to-use Tissue microRNA
  • Premade Full Length First Strand Tissue cDNA
  • Universal Reference RNA
  • Universal Reference cDNA
  • Genomic DNA of Animal and Plant Species
  • Premade Tissue Northern Blots
  Cell and Tissue Analysis
  • Ready-to-use Frozen Tissue Sections
  • Ready-to-use Paraffin Sections
  • Ready-to-use Tissue Microarrays
  • Floating Thick Brain Sections
  • Immunohistochemistry Detection Kits
  • Monoclonal and Polyclonal Primary Antibodies

  Protein Expression Analysis
  • Monoclonal and Polyclonal Primary Antibodies
  • Ready-to-use Total Proteins (Tissue Lysates)
  • Ready-to-use Compartmental Proteins
  • Ready-to-use Recombinant Proteins
  • Ready-to-use Peptides
  • Universal Reference Proteins
  • Premade Tissue Western Blots
  • Immunohistochemistry Kits                       
           Custom & Contract Services
  • Histology Services
  • Western Blot Analysis Services
  • Isolation & Purification of Protein Services
  • Northern & Southern Blot Analysis Services
  • Isolation & Purification of RNA Services
  • Isolation & Purification of DNA Services
  • Immunohistochemistry Services
  • Apoptosis & Cell Proliferation Services
  • ELISA Analysis Services



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